Who we are

Press & Assembly Technologies, is one stop shop for any kind of metal forming or assembly requirements.

What we do

From paper to your finished product, our highly qualified Engineers will take your blueprints and turn them into the end product that you need.

Why us

Through our unquenchable thirst for optimization, we are continually improving our procedures and processes to bring your end product to life.

Smart Sourcing
Why Smartsourcing? We use the term Smartsourcing, we focus on tailor made solutions, no matter the size of the client or the order, optimizing every step of the process, from design to delivery. It is our mission to continually improve our structure and our methods of project management and quality control, in order to ensure the production of components of the highest class and lowest cost. High-volume production for a variety of industries around the globe.

Building upon the 100 years of experience of our parent company VAPTECH

Press & Assembly Technologies production site is located a mere two minutes’ walk (if you walk really slowly) from their factory door. Further utilizing their resources and experience in R&D, Production, Planning, Purchasing and Project management, we are able to maintain a super lean, efficient and cost conscious structure.

Such proximity, means we have close to no downtime – in the very rare event of a breakdown, the repair teams literally arrive within minutes. The proximity also means we can very quickly increase our production capabilities as they can reorganize production to prioritize the building of our machines.

PAT has at its disposal a team of talented engineers/designers ready to tackle any of our clients’ desires and creations; Through our processes: Stamping, punching, bending, rolling, deep drawing and last but not least, assembly.

Products and services
Our customers will benefit from the maximum of our added value by combining all or part of our business modules with the following sequence: procurement of metal strips, stamping of components, assembly of modules including metal stamped and other components, quality control and sorting services, logistic services even at level of fine distribution.

Metal Forming – Pressing


  • stamping tools design and manufacturing
  • assembly lines design and manufacturing
  • production and quality processes relocation
  • prototyping
  • safe product launch
  • serial production implementation and quantities ramp up
  • Sourcing of metal stamped parts out of: Fe, SS, Al, Cu, Brass.
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Procurement services

Regional sourcing of metal strips, machined parts, sintered parts, plastic molds, industrial consumables and other necessary components and packing material for your final product or assembly module.

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Assembly services (with or without our stamped parts)

Custom made solutions of your assembling needs following manual or semi-automatic concepts designed and set by us if necessary, either as single working positions or assembling lines with multi working positions.

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Logistics Services

Consignment stock, warehousing, transportation and fine distribution of your products to any point worldwide.

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  • stamping tool
  • assembly tools
  • assembly holders
  • metal processing holders
  • jigs for quality control needs
  • prototypes
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Contact information
It would be our greatest pleasure to send you a quote, please send any enquiries to:

Main Office : 51B Bulgaria blvd., office Building Block “B”, floor 8, 1404 Sofia, Bulgaria

Factory: Grivishko shose St 6, 5800 Pleven Bulgaria

Telephone: +359 0 (2) 984 16 00

Sales: +359 882 383 933

Quality Management: +359 88 242 21 69

Fax: +359 0 (2) 984 16 01



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